The very same day that the ship first set sail; Old Pegleg the cook spilled his tankard of ale
It dropped in the salsa that brewed on the hob.; “Alas!” Pegleg cried, “There goes me job!
“Perhaps I can save it.” He dipped in his spoon.; The taste was sublime – Pegleg fell in a swoon.
Recovering quick, he filled up a jar.; “This is worth more than gold,” mused the old salty tar.
Pegleg ran to the fore deck, brandishing chips, ; Crying, “Mateys, ahoy, let this snack touch your lips.”
The captain was smitten, and dug in with such zeal; he forgot his sworn duty and took his hands from the wheel....
from The Ballad of the Shipwreck Galley 

Ahoy, there!  We, the proprietors of Shipwreck Galley Salsa, were rooting through our great-great-granddad’s old sea chest one day, when we came across a musty old book.  Inside we found the tale of Pegleg, a ship’s cook whose accident with his beer led to the creation of a salsa so tasty that one bite was enough to make his captain and mates abandon their posts.  As they munched away, the ship ran aground on the rocky coast of Maine. 

Pegleg, realizing that his seafaring days were over, decided to start life anew.  He created the Shipwreck Galley, a cozy tavern where Pegleg’s salsa concoctions were the specialty of the house.  We didn’t much care for the ballad – Pegleg boozes his way through 30 more verses – but we soon discovered that his recipes were worth salvaging.  And so, we hereby take up Pegleg’s quest for the perfect marriage of spirit and spice.  Welcome to the new Shipwreck Galley....


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