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As old Pegleg would say… Me hearties, see the sutler and help keep me job!

Blueberry & Vodka Salsa

$7.99 each



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As a young pirate, Pegleg had a fondness for a beautiful Russian temptress in a fishing village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (later to become the great state of Maine), Unfortunately the damsel turned out to be the daughter of the local constable. Oops!

The serpentine route of Pegleg’s unscheduled -- and decidedly premature – return to his ship took him tumbling head over heels through the wild blueberry barrens near the village. The blue stains on his pirate shirt kept the memory of the young vixen in his heart and the pocketful of wild berries kept the hypnotic flavor of the sweet, juicy fruit on his taste buds. These fond memories would inspire Pegleg to combine berries and spirits to create his Blueberry and Vodka salsa. Savory sweetness, worthy of even the most discriminating palate.

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